Blueshift launches AI recommendation recipes for marketers

Blueshift launches AI recommendation recipes for marketers

Blueshift, the leading Smart Hub platform for intelligent customer engagement, today announced at the company’s Engage 2022 conference the launch of its first collection of 100+ ready-to-use AI recommendation recipes for marketers. The new recipes, along with Blueshift’s industry-leading recommendation research, provide marketers with unprecedented ease of use for hyper-personalized customer engagement, enabling them to recommend content, products, and offers based on each customer’s behavior. as well as the behavior of comparable customers.

Today’s consumers demand personalization across all channels of engagement and moments of interaction, and the use of AI has become critical for marketers to successfully scale their efforts. Studies show that AI-recommended marketing campaigns are 116% more effective, driven by 22% higher click-through rates and 209% higher conversion rates. In the last 12 months, marketers have hyper-personalized over 10 billion messages using Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio, which is based on proprietary technology. Additionally, Blueshift customers reported significant business results using recommendations, including 131% more sales and 384% more lead volumes.

New AI recommendation recipes revealed today enable marketers to:

  • Get started quickly with 100+ AI-powered marketing recipes – Marketers now have a great splash screen, pre-loaded with settings for common scenarios like abandoned carts, affinity-based newsletter feeds, and cross-based merchandising. on public wisdom, popular content or catalog changes, and more. These recipes can be easily adapted to get the right recommendations for each use case.
  • Personalize any message with drag-and-drop simplicity: Once the recommendation template with ready-to-use recommendation recipes is created, marketers can use a newly introduced drag-and-drop interface to insert them into e-mails mails email, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, or other creative materials for your campaigns. Plus, it’s easy to eliminate repetitive recommendations and include seasonal and business promotions alongside predictive content.
  • Analyze and Optimize with Advanced Reports: New detailed reports on Advanced Suggestion Analysis allow marketers to optimize campaigns using high-quality recommendations while understanding which items are recommended for each user and which users interact with.

Retailers, e-commerce providers, and digital and over-the-top (OTT) media companies, in particular, are eager to take advantage of these new AI-recommended revenue features. For example, merchants can create customer journeys with highly relevant real-time content and recommendations based on customer affinity, search and browsing activity, and purchase history. Streaming service providers can use advanced AI to precisely match millions of viewers with hundreds of thousands of media library items and engage them in daily content feeds that are automatically optimized based on past activity.

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