Henderson Engineers and Torch.AI Test New AI for Building Systems Design

Henderson Engineers and Torch.AI Test New AI for Building Systems Design

Data Infrastructure AI™ pioneer Torch.AI is testing a new artificial intelligence application with Henderson Engineers, a national building systems engineering company, to unlock the creative and problem-solving potential of more than 1,000 employees from the company.

Henderson, one of the world’s leading and most successful building systems design and engineering companies, works on projects in the commercial, community, healthcare, retail and local sectors, including many high-profile projects such as the SoFi Stadium, home of the 2022 Superbowl. The construction and engineering industry is known for cutting-edge projects that include large supplier networks, rigorous construction design standards, detailed work planning efforts, and low margins. The industry relies on highly complex information in equally complex unstructured data: drawings, images, PDFs, manuscripts, and raw text.

Earlier this year, Henderson began testing Torch.AI’s new artificial intelligence, which can learn to read complex construction and engineering documents and diagrams. Previous construction and engineering datasets were used to rapidly train AI with over 340 million metrics and growth, creating new opportunities for automation and data sharing. The Torch.AI system has read over 100,000 technical drawings with remarkable accuracy. In one example, AI can identify, extract and compare diagrams from more than 40 pages of design files in less than a second with an average accuracy of 98.9%.

Torch.AI software helps unlock human potential by breaking down barriers to creativity and problem solving – mundane tasks caused by exploding business data and widening gaps in technology. The software starts by immediately discovering what the data is and how it can be useful, and then applies advanced machine learning to automate the steps needed to provide new information and support decisions. all without human intervention.

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