SugarCRM Recognized as the Best Business CRM Software and Solution for the Second Year in a Row at the 2022 CRM Industry Leader Awards

SugarCRM Recognized as the Best Business CRM Software and Solution for the Second Year in a Row at the 2022 CRM Industry Leader Awards

SugarCRM announced that it was recognized for the second year in a row as the best enterprise CRM software and solution in the 21st annual CRM Industry Leader Awards program, which honors the best CRM solutions and innovators.

Sugar was also named a winner in the Best Sales Force Automation Software and Solution and Best CRM for Small and Medium Businesses categories. The September 2022 CRM Magazine lists the top five solution winners in each category.

The CRM Industry Leader Awards recognize the best sellers in 11 categories, leading the way with the best products and resources to go to market in customer service, marketing, and sales.

Every year, CRM magazine’s panel of expert analysts and consultants are asked: If you were to recommend a CRM solution to a loyal customer, which one would you choose and why?

SugarCRM’s award-winning achievements include:

  • Best Enterprise CRM Software and Solution: Sugar Enterprise is ideal for companies that need full CRM functionality in a maximum on-premises control solution that also supports any level of customization to meet business needs.
  • In the CRM editorial, Marshall Lager, independent analyst and consultant to the CRM industry, says, “Flexibility and adaptability are how Sugar got into the big business game and still has those qualities.” Additionally, Rebecca Wettemann, founder and CEO of Valoir, agrees, stating that “Sugar has made [AI] technology more operational than any other major vendor and that the platform works.”
  • Best CRM for SMBs: Sugar is deeply rooted in meeting the specific needs of midsize businesses, with an emphasis on no-code and no-code platform features that allow SMEs to easily customize their sales, marketing workflow, and assistance.
  • Wettemann calls Sugar “an attractive option” for midsize customers and Lager says that “The same things that make Sugar suitable for larger companies shine even brighter in the market”, adding that Sugar “has got the platform idea right, with coordinated applications and multiple integrations”.
  • Best software and solution for sales force automation: According to a group of expert CRM analysts and consultants, Sugar Sell is considered the favorite of companies looking for low-cost alternatives that don’t tie them to long-term business deadlines.

Jim Dickie, Researcher at Sales Mastery, says, “For companies looking to tailor an SFA system to their specific needs, Sugar Sell offers a high degree of customization.” Additionally, Kate Leggett, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, praises Sugar Sell for “providing consistent, easy-to-use experiences for sales teams.”

Sugar is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics to facilitate sales, marketing, and service teams by letting the platform do the work. Sugar has made significant investments to bring SugarPredict’s AI engine across its portfolio of platforms, paving the way for AI pre-configured and ready for anything that delivers value from day one. At the same time, no-code and low-code tools and features are bringing change into the hands of non-technical business users.

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