Vonage Launches AI Studio

Vonage Launches AI Studio

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications that helps companies accelerate their digital transformation, has launched Vonage AI Studio, a low-code/no-code tool for designing, building, and deploying customer engagement solutions that work in natural language using artificial intelligence (AI). With these intelligent conversations, Vonage AI Studio helps companies increase customer engagement through personalized and automated interactions across channels such as voice, text, and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

With the new standalone Vonage AI Studio, developers and IT professionals can easily create natural language solutions for customer engagement, such as virtual assistants for self-service support, billing updates, appointment scheduling, FAQs, and more, with the ability to include them in any subscription. Vonage AI Studio also includes machine learning models that adapt using high-performance messages, such as during high call volumes, for even greater efficiency. These AI conversational skills enhance interactions, enabling frictionless engagement with customers wherever they are, without losing context and insights. Drive a personalized customer journey across voice and messaging channels and create and deliver end-to-end conversations in real-time.

Ronlight, a customer of Vonage, the exclusive distributor of Garmin products in Israel, used AI Studio to create a virtual assistant in their contact center environment to automate and scale, improving efficiency, cost, and overall customer engagement: “We have our virtual assistant, Ron, who used Vonage’s AI Studio and made a difference in managing call traffic in our call center,” said Avisay Pariz, CEO of Ronlight. “Actually, with Ron, our call center is now open 24/7 and successfully handles over 70% of our customers’ most frequent calls without any human assistance. This dramatically reduced customer response times and resolved the most pressing issues.”

Create smart interactions

Based on the Vonage Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) algorithms already successfully implemented in AI Virtual Assistant for Unified Communications and Contact Center, with Vonage Business Communications (VBC) and Vonage Contact Center (VCC), Vonage AI Studio uses a natively built visual platform that enables low-code/no-code creation of intelligent, automated design flows through engagement channels, with simple drag-and-drop forms and responsive actions that require little to no user experience developers. Create smarter end-to-end communication channels that eliminate the need for low-level AI integration and simplify the build process for developers and non-developers alike, accelerating time to value.

Build a stronger partner ecosystem

Not only does AI Studio provide companies with the tools to build intelligent engagement solutions, but it also provides a unique opportunity for the Vonage API partner ecosystem. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can accelerate their development cycles to create competitive enterprise-grade virtual agents on any channel, and systems integrators (IS) can offer differentiated service packages to businesses. AI Studio is part of Vonage’s communications platform and allows these Vonage partners to leverage existing platforms and offerings to provide their customers with customized integrations across CRM, contact center, analytics, and more.

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