Tech expert Dave Hatter explains how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can affect you

Companies in almost every industry are using artificial intelligence to make jobs easier for employees and tasks easier for consumers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool and, like any powerful tool, it can do many things – some good and some problematic. Technology expert Dave Hatter talks about how AI can really have its own bias.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can greatly improve the efficiency of our workplaces and increase the work humans can do. When AI deals with repetitive or dangerous tasks, it frees up the human workforce to do the work for which they are best equipped: tasks that involve creativity and empathy. Making work more attractive to them can increase happiness and job satisfaction.

With enhanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, artificial intelligence can have a major impact on health. By improving the operation of healthcare facilities and medical organizations, AI can reduce operating costs and save money. A McKinsey estimate predicts that big data can save up to $ 100 billion annually in drugs and pharmaceuticals. The real impact will be on patient care. The potential for personalized treatment plans and drug protocols, as well as providing better access to information in medical facilities to support patient care, will change lives.

Our society will gain countless hours of productivity simply by introducing autonomous transport and artificial intelligence that affect our traffic congestion, not to mention other ways to improve productivity at work. Without a stressful commute, people can spend their time in many other ways.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves the way we detect and solve criminal activities. Facial recognition technology is becoming as common as fingerprints. The use of artificial intelligence in the legal system also offers many opportunities to discover how technology can be used effectively without violating an individual’s privacy.

Unless you prefer to live remotely and never intend to interact with the modern world, your life will be significantly affected by artificial intelligence. While there are many learning experiences and challenges with which the technology is being deployed in new applications, AI is generally expected to have a more positive than negative impact on society.

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