Calendly launches API package and new developer portal

Calendly launches API package and new developer portal

Calendly, the modern planning platform for powerful teams and individuals, has introduced a new developer portal that allows customers and partners to use the company’s API to embed, build and integrate custom applications. Additionally, developers can use the portal for tutorials, sample code, developer guides, and API references to integrate Calendly’s scheduling capabilities into their applications and increase productivity.

Calendly integrates with apps to enable real-time scheduling-related tasks, such as when a user sets, cancels or reschedules events.

Admins can distribute links to Calendly scheduling pages directly from the app to team members using custom integrations. Administrators can easily share their organization’s availability with prospects, customers, and others to provide a simple and effective discussion experience.

Customers can track and report on scheduled team meetings to make informed decisions based on data insights such as meeting time or the number of meetings held to close a transaction. Customers can use the Calendly Integration API to embed Calendly on their website and view a talk page for quick planning. Anyone with a Calendly account can access the APIs. Customers with Calendly Professional, Teams, or Enterprise subscriptions are eligible to use Webhooks.

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