Hypefactors now launches API solution brand for enterprise integrations

SaaS Company Hypefactors, which provides integrated solutions for intelligent deployment, reputation, and reliability, will continue to refine its data and AI assets by introducing integrated branding of API solutions that enable the use of Hypefactor data for other IT solutions. The ‘Atlastic.ai’ version will open on December 7, 2021, and will increase the use of social media in business units beyond PR / communication.

Atlantic to open up Hypefactors social media marketing and enrich AI data integration with other existing IT businesses and archeological platforms to be available in buildings.

Atlastic.ai technology can help these achievements get a full picture of what is important and make informed decisions. The company provides computer-readable, feasible, and enriching information for a variety of applications and platforms, including market and competitive search, ESG issues, reputation and risk factors, supply issues, and financial analysis.

• Atlastic.ai uses years of data development and AI technology assets led by Hypefactors solutions. It enhances the market share of the company by providing customer benefits such as:

• Global news database, with millions of news available soon.

• Update data using modern AI capable of handling 100 languages in common applications, such as 4th generation Reputation-AI, Presence-AI, and Character-AI.

• Product recognition and reliability along with other business KPIs.

By optimizing solutions for Atlastic.ai and Hypefactors at the same time, training technology is available to most users and can generate additional revenue.

About Hypefactors A / S

Hypefactors is an AI-powered Earned Media technology solution that further supports media intelligence, reputation, and reliability. Hypefactors integrates data, analytics, technology, and tools to provide integrated and easy-to-use solutions. With all the tools to automate and simplify the task, and all the authentic writing has appeared. In addition to seeing the media in various news contexts, the situation provides an opportunity for more realities, including. Automatic counting and effective analysis of each of the three mentioned claims. The platform also includes other time-saving tools such as automatic broadcast reports and mobile phones to provide access to the broadcasting real-time broadcast. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Growth Market in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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