NLP Logix Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program

NLP Logix, a leading provider of machine learning and automation solutions, announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis partner program, which aims to promote and launch a new generation of artificial intelligence solutions to improve operations.

One of the difficult challenges for any AI/machine learning organization is quickly collecting large and accurate datasets to teach a computer how to perform a task traditionally performed by a human. For example, if you want to train a computer to watch hours and hours of video and accurately identify specific items, such as a stop sign, a street lamp, or a person in a crowd, you must collect, review, and record data (annotate) enough positive examples and then run the results using specialized hardware to train the computer to accurately identify items in future videos.

By leveraging NVIDIA LaunchPad’s NLP Logix, a free GPU-based platform that allows teams to rapidly develop and train computer vision models in less than half the time of traditional methods, this time-consuming effort is dramatically reduced. Additionally, by reducing the amount of data needed to train a first-pass model, organizations can explore the feasibility of bringing a computer vision model into production at a significantly lower cost.

“Many of our customers want to test the feasibility of using computer vision to solve a business problem, but don’t have the budget to fund a complete end-to-end model,” said Ben Webster, modeling consultant and analytics lead at Logix NLP. † “The LaunchPad environment gives us the ability to quickly communicate with the customer and let them know whether the probability of success is high or low that the model will work and a much more accurate estimate of the level of engagement with the model from laboratory to production.”

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