Silicon Labs Brings AI and Machine Learning to the Edge with Matter-Ready Platform

Silicon Labs, a leader in secure wireless technology in the United States, today introduced the BG24 and MG24 2.4 GHz families with Bluetooth SoC and Multiple protocol applications, compliant and new software tools. The new high-quality migration and launch software will help bring AI / ML applications and improve wireless performance. Ready families BG24 and MG24 support multiple wires to communicate and use the security of PSA Level 3 Safe Vault ™, ideal for many smart homes, hospitals, and factories. The SoC and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market today include:

• Two new 2.4 GHz Wireless SoC, with industry-first integrated AI / ML accelerators, support for Matter, Zigbee, Open Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, proprietary and multi-protocol operation, which is the industry’s highest level security certificate. , a high-performance power has a lot to remember and shine in the portfolio of Silicon Labs.

• A new software tool designed to allow developers to quickly build and deploy AI and machine learning algorithms using some of the most popular tools such as Tensor Flow.

Starting with an AI / ML upgrade Improves Efficiency and Strength

IoT device developers see the great potential of AI and machine learning to bring greater intelligence to consumer applications such as home security, user-generated and medical monitoring, business machine monitoring, hardware factories, etc. But today those who consider using AI or machine learning on the sidelines face severe penalties in practice and the use of force may outweigh the benefits.

The BG24 and MG24 reduce what appears to be the first weak device with integrated AI / ML accelerators. This robust tool is designed to handle complex comparisons quickly and accurately, with internal tests characterized by 4x performance improvements as well as 6x power upgrades. Because ML calculations are done on a local device and not in a year, the use of cell phone speed adjustment has been eliminated elections and actions.

BG24 and MG24 families also have a wide range of Flash and memory usage (RAM) in the Silicon Labs portfolio. This means that the machine can be adapted to multi-protocol support, Matter, and learning ML algorithms for large data sets. PSA Level 3-Certified Secure VaultTM, high-level security protection for IoT devices, provides much-needed protection in devices such as door locks, medical equipment, and other rugged installations to protect the device from external threats.

AI / ML software and support help developers create new tools

In addition to supporting TensorFlow, Silicon Labs has partnered with other leading AI and ML tools, such as SenseML and Edge Impulse, to ensure the highest quality tool from manufacturers very relevant installation of wiring applications. Using this new AI / ML tool, integrated with Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio and the BG24 and MG24 SoC families, developers can create applications that pull four data from different communication devices, all connected using Matter to create smart machine learning opportunities.

For example, in a commercial building, many lamps are controlled with visuals that see if the lights should be turned on or off. However, if a typewriter printed on a desk restricts the movement of your hands and fingers, it can leave workers blind if only moving machines are invisible. By combining hearing aids and features through the Matter application layer, some sensor information, such as the sound of a beater, can be worked with a machine learning algorithm that allows the lighting system to make an informed decision that lighting is essential on or off.

At the forefront of ML software, it enables other businesses to use intelligent design and application applications, including the use of data for informal analysis, family security, and the deployment of visual systems to improve visibility, voice recognition, and the use of visual effects further scanning or counting low-resolution cameras.

Diversity of alpha software capabilities

More than 40 companies from a variety of industries and applications have begun developing and testing this new solution in the closed Alpha program. These companies were drawn to the BG24 and MG24 platforms for their high performance, high performance, including AI / ML capabilities and Matter support. Retailers around the world want to improve their in-store shopping experience with more advanced asset planning, real-time price updates, and more. Representatives of the Group of Commercial Property Managers are exploring ways to improve their building systems, including lighting and HVAC, to make them smarter. Finally, consumers work with smart homes to provide solutions that facilitate the integration of different technologies and enhance their communication to bring new features and services to customers.

Silicon Labs’ most potential family of SoCs

The BG24 and MG24 SoCs together include a 78 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 processor, a high-performance 2.4 GHz radio, 20-bit business ADCs that offer a large combination of Flash (up to 1536 kB) and RAM ( up to 256). kB) and AI / ML are advanced tools for using ARM Cortex-M33 machine learning algorithms, so there are many degrees to perform other tasks. Supporting a wide range of 2.4 GHz wireless IoT proteins, they combine SoC with the highest recording levels and the highest RF performance on the market.

About Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a global leader in secure wireless technology for affiliates. Our state-of-the-art setup and installation software, selected development tools, organic solutions, and strong support make us a good long-term partner in the industrial, commercial, residential, and residential sectors. . We make it easy for manufacturers to solve complex wireless problems over the life of a product, and we quickly reach the market with innovative solutions that transform businesses, grow the economy, and improve life.

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