Aviatrix Arms Customers with Multi-Cloud Native Network Security

Aviatrix, a leader in multi-cloud native networking and network security, has introduced security technologies – ThreatIQ and Threat Guard * – that integrate network security into Aviatrix multi-cloud native data aircraft and enable all communication modes to provide monitoring and validation.

ThreatIQ and Threat Guard monitor real-time traffic while the network is deployed, providing in-depth insights into activities that may be lacking with traditional security communication tools such as NGFW and other legacy systems. Embedded in Aviatrix’s multi-year data aircraft, these innovations enable all media to provide monitoring and traffic control while forcing automatic retrieval of threats that appear to eliminate delays.

The flexibility of multi-cloud network architecture has not only led to faster adoption by developers worldwide but has also resulted in increased exposure to various risk management systems. With limited control, visibility, and security of communication in multi-year deployments, businesses often struggle to deal with threats such as data breaches and bad sales during the year (CSPs).

Vehicle intrusion through security threats or the addition of third-party tools can be ineffective in data mining and botnet deployment, as a new environment or IT design could threaten their use. In addition, the zoning of the year, which controls different CSPs, creates an organizational restructuring, while undermining systematic access to damage protection. This results in a strong environment with increasing trade volatility and elevated failure (MTTR).

By integrating security into a multi-year data center, Aviatrix provides an effective and efficient solution to these critical problems of existing data security solutions.

Aviatrix has helped build a multi-year framework that serves as a cohesive and secure fabric between it, “said Fernando Robayo, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer at Jefferies Financial.

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is a pioneer in internet communication and security. More than 500 customers worldwide use Aviatrix to create a classic, multi-year network and secure network to provide state-of-the-art success in controlling and maintaining orders simply and economically. With its first and only multi-cloud network (ACE) certificate, Aviatrix provides IT with the ability to manage and accelerate change across the cloud.

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