DDN Launches Next Generation of High-Performance NVMe and Hybrid Storage for AI and Advanced Computing Acceleration

DDN, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multimedia information technology, today announced the availability of the next generation of NVMe, SFA® 400NVX2, and 200NVX2 platforms. The Storage Fusion Architecture® systems are the basis for fast DDN storage and are available as EXAScaler® solutions – ES400NVX2 and ES200NVX2 – in addition to the latest AI400X2 AI to enhance applications.

DDN has developed these principles to eliminate many of the problems facing organizations when it comes to fulfilling functional problems such as AI usage, the use of common languages, financial analysis, and machine learning in computing. Their current success is not designed to support the growing amount of data required by these systems, and it is not being maintained. The data is stored quickly for real-time operation and understanding. With these functions as a basis, DDN can provide business communication solutions through the use of, secure and easy data management to provide efficient and effective operations.

The new features are available in a wide range of enterprise applications, offering 90GB / s usage and 3 million IOPS. It has a 2U footprint (two-dimensional shelves). Each system can be integrated into a mobile phone and emit a high power of 6.4PB to a semicircle using 90-bar DDN enclosures. DDN’s EXAScaler 6 Hot Pools screen controls this capability on its own, usually moving, which can be a daunting task.

High heat is good for low performance and cost by transmitting clear information between lamps and discs. This eliminates the need for an integrated network of names available to hold the first and second records. The hot data comes straight from the lamp, and the existing data is displayed directly on the disc, all visible to the graduates. This allows IT organizations to increase value by focusing on providing robust data services as opposed to professional management services.

About DDN

DDN is the largest data storage company in the world and is known for providing intelligent technologies and development solutions for Enterprise At Scale, AI, and analytics, HPC, government, and students. With its data from DDN and Tintri, the company provides AI, Information Systems software and integration tools, and valuable analytics to solve complex business problems for global data organizations. DDN provides developers with the most flexible, efficient, and reliable data storage for both off-premises and off-premises data. Great places for any age. Over the past two decades, DDN has established itself as an information provider to provide solutions to more than 11,000 businesses, governments, and consumers, including many of the world’s leading financial institutions. Country, life sciences organizations, manufacturing and electronics companies, web analytics, and websites and service providers.

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