Automation of service layer testing

Even in the traditional case, the culture has automatically encouraged companies to use volunteer GUI configuration for ease of use, trapped in many groups – a trap where quick automation service testing customer of changes and design intelligence is very low. Which creates a lot of leadership. Here’s an example of how we helped the customer participate in testing measurable values and other measurable service benefits.


The driver is America’s leading publisher specializing in digital media conversion. They regularly interpret their responses with search-based content, tools, and libraries to help them learn and establish access to information.

The company is known for its well-maintained magazines and newspapers and other websites available in schools and libraries, as well as numerous references, particularly in the fields of art, religion, history, and social sciences.


The client came to QA InfoTech and asked if we could help an independent quality partner solve some of the painful problems and issues: –

They are looking for the right solution to the most unpleasant user interface testing problems, even if they use a well-known smart system.

The cost of maintaining volunteering was another major issue they had to deal with.

From the time they have bad experiences and delays in project design, they need our help in identifying quality assurance processes so that projects are not delayed by quality assurance events.

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