Automotive Manufacturer Slashes HR Service Costs by 66% in Just Seven Months


As a global leader of billions of dollars in the automotive sector, the company’s customer base includes almost all manufacturers of automotive markets, automotive markets, and markets. -Richard.


When the company came out of financial security, the manager of Human Resources (HR) wanted to reduce the cost of services, which amounted to the US $ 20 million per year. They devised a plan to switch to another contract which is the “first sauce” of important HR responsibility. With the restoration of multiple services and partnerships with high-quality suppliers of selected program components, the company expects HR services to improve and reduce costs significantly. In total, fifteen plans are included in the HR Transformation Plan, which covers all aspects of HR delivery service, such as Remuneration, Benefits, Health and Wellness, and Pensions.

However, after eight months, the whole plan was in jeopardy. Significant events and the outcome of the procurement of any plan were not met, and the demand for it was rising. With just four months left to complete the entire HR Transformation program, the CIO realized that the organization had no experience in the management process until the expected outcomes were met.


On Thursday evening, the CIO asked PM Solutions to take the lead management of the HR Transformation Program. The following Monday morning, PM Solutions hired the First Program Manager of two of the world’s largest and strongest campaigns. This requires good communication of communication between the customer, the outgoing service provider, and most service providers. Tensions between participants were high and control of expectations was an important part of success. Using the Prime Minister’s approach to financial analysis and payment methods, former trainers set customer/vendor requirements, key measures, resource estimates, assumptions, and delivery objectives.


The 15 projects within the program were completed on time and budget, without disruption of services or components during testing, change, or life stages.

Within seven months of the completion of the program, the client had reduced HR costs from $ 20 million to $ 600 million per year and was targeted at the US $ 5 million per year.

As a result of the success of this project, PM Solutions has continued to work with this client to build a project management plan, better team management practices, and to help promote project delivery across the organization.

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