Conducting international tests for SCORM operations

Globalization is proof of the growth of jobs as the world moves. Although the species controlling sites are almost identical in some respects, there are often small differences when considering a particular site. This is a case study that includes a global performance international test of the SCORM Engine.


Our client takes the lead in providing management training to students. They create a variety of media, including textbooks and digital solutions for e-school platforms, bags, blogs, and events-student seminars, cultural events, websites, and group study groups. Through these media platforms, our patients can drive real change around the world, increasing the scope and impact of valuable global gifts.


Our customers want to continue the global integration of their digital content and are looking for local experts to international test the functionality of their products with experienced users.

These are some of the major challenges we face.

  • All online links must work with internal content and all PNP access and “video exercises” must be open regularly, without the impact of local news.
  • Numbers must be accurate and must not be split or folded, as important cables are placed of different types (e.g. ASCII, 2-byte or different types, etc.).
  • This is a key feature of all applications that must be reviewed and approved
  • The progress of the search should be published in the literature
  • Choose a time to perform the described events
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