Maidbot moves to TAILOS™ as an emerging leader in delivering robotics and AI-enabled solutions to the physical world

Inspired by the first robot in history, Maidbot finalized a major rebrand under their new name, Tailos, to best reflect its vision — taking robotics beyond commercial cleaning to provide a complete suite of human-empowering solutions.

Tailos, formerly Maidbot, announced today that it completed a major rebranding as the company looks ahead to a year of tremendous growth and transformation. Inspired by Talos, the Greek mythological robot built by the God of Technology to protect the people of Crete, the new name reflects the company’s innovative approach to building human-empowering technologies that leverage robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

Tailos’ initial product consists of two parts: a robotics platform and a web-based data platform tool. The robotics platform features a mini self-driving car focused on cleaning floors of commercial real estate, from hotels and multi-family dwellings to office space, senior living, airports, stadiums, and more. The data platform provides operators with analytics and notifications that enable proactive actions to enhance experiences for guests and tenants.

The new name “Tailos” will better encompass the entire suite of solutions the company is building for the future while aligning closer to the company’s mission of building human-empowering technology.

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