AI in Procurement

AI in Procurement

18-19 October 2022 

AI has the potential to rapidly change work practices, even in large organizations. AI is already here and applied to many aspects of business and life. Governments, companies, and organizations are embracing AI innovation to achieve efficiencies beyond legacy systems and human limits.

Artificial intelligence transforms the organizational decision-making process and drives new levels of efficiency, increasing the value of purchases and purchases. Join us October 18-19 to discuss how to maximize the value of AI and reduce risk and how it aligns with your core business.


  • Develop an AI game plan for your procurement team
  • Automate and put data in the shopping center
  • Use AI to optimize your purchases
  • Quickly track your AI launch
  • Value generation through the implementation of AI
  • Filter your purchase data to discover new opportunities
  • AI, data-driven analytics, and insights to improve decision making
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: Implementing Blockchain and AI Monitoring Systems to Reduce Fraud
  • Is cognitive shopping a reality?
  • How AI can help you automate spend analysis and management
  • Implement AI in your procurement process to shorten lead times, make informed decisions and discover data to drive value in innovative ways
  • Use of AI in expense management; Go beyond cost savings to reduce compliance burden and many other activities
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