Algorithm Conference 2022

 February 10 – 12, 2022| USA

About this event

Algorithm 2021 gives you 3 days of advanced training and presentations by technology and technology experts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, data-intensive, digital design, digital numbers, and independent mobility. This is due to take the JSOM exam at the University of Texas campus in Dallas on April 2-4.

Information about Algorithm 2021 can be summarized as follows:

  • Day 1 – fall 2021: Education
  • Day Two – autumn 2021: Conference Report
  • Day 3 – fall 2021: Meeting report

Information on large and successful companies is collected from the following well-known companies:

• Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, and NFT

• Good information

• Freeride

• Robots and automation

• IoT

• Quantum computer

• Brief description

Product speakers

Here are some of the first groups of speakers:

1. Professor Robert Marks. Author of Deadly Robots: Why You Need to Keep Upgrading the U.S. Deadly Army

2. President Michael Canaan. T-Minus AI: A public reading of artificial intelligence and new energy developments around the world, and former president of artificial intelligence in the United States Air Force.

3. Dr. Joel Lehman. Another person who has studied the subject of evolutionary algorithms is the scientist Uber AI Labs.

4. Dr. Paul McLaughlin. Head of Science and Education, Global Accelerator of Artificial Intelligence, Ericsson.

5. Dr. Stephen Thaler. The authors developed the second generation of the artificial intelligence tool DABUS.

6. Professor Ryan Abbott. A world leader in efforts to develop patent systems in the UK, US, and elsewhere to learn about artificial intelligence engineers. Implementing a working robot: knowledge generation and law.

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