Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

21 – 22 November 2022 | London, UK

After some consideration, Gartner decided to use the convention there. The success and security of our partners, athletes, and colleagues are at the forefront of our lives, and this part provides a great opportunity to learn, participate and motivate.

Exchange of equipment and activities to promote any business

Globally, organizations and industries are forced to rethink and rethink their business. Functional services and services (I&O) had to be quickly adapted to the business environment and prices and to maintain core operations and infrastructure.

As the business thrives in a new environment, IT leaders have faced a challenge and an important opportunity: transforming and improving IT I&O to plan for a world full of challenges.

Join us at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Conferencing, and Cloud Strategic Conferences 2021 to focus over two days on transformation and service delivery approaches to improve capacity, increase performance, and build stronger systems and devices. Don’t miss this opportunity to face serious events and future trends and keep where the company is going.

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