CodeLogic Launches Unprecedented Platform for Continuous Software Intelligence

CodeLogic, the Continuous Software Intelligence Company, released the first and only developer toolkit that monitors post-assembly binaries, application runtime behavior, and database connections to provide a complete, up-to-date view of software connections through infrastructure and dependencies. CodeLogic addresses the relentless complexity that, according to Stack Overflow, leads to the #1 cause of developer misfortune: lack of productivity. Free developers to manage the break/repair cycle, train new team members, research vulnerabilities for security audits, assess technical debt, and do other crypto-related tasks.

With CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence, developers can stop violating software and code without fear.

Software developers make code changes every day, knowing that the code changes they submit and commit can break something. It not only compiles but also stops the downstream application. This ubiquitous problem slows development teams, hurts productivity, and ultimately hampers innovation. Traditional software intelligence (SI) and application scanning tools rely on static scanning of source code and do not solve this problem.

The CodeLogic CSI platform provides complex insights and helps developers end break/repair cycles. It exposes all software connections and interdependencies, from code to methods, APIs to databases, performing post-compilation scans of binary code and scans of runtime environments. With CodeLogic, development teams have unparalleled insight into software frameworks that are not present in the source code itself, including third-party built-in libraries, stored procedure calls, and database connections.

The CodeLogic CSI platform helps development teams in the following ways:

Stop breaking the software. By capturing all code and data dependencies in a searchable graphical database, CodeLogic allows developers to write code with the ability to see what other parts of the system are connected and analyze which ones might not be working.

Fight code complexity. CodeLogic CSI helps developers visualize highly complex and interconnected software applications that have become increasingly vulnerable, too large to be fully understood, and impossible to accurately document. An automatic “impact count” for methods, classes, and overall application integrity makes complexity manageable.

Inform the development strategy. CodeLogic allows teams to accurately anticipate and scale planned projects and fully understand the after-effects of rethinking proposed plans and roadmaps before committing to weeks.

Identify potential vulnerabilities. As security threats increase, organizations must now maintain accurate maps of REST endpoints and be prepared to respond immediately to zero-day events. With CodeLogic CSI, you can perform these tasks automatically in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Empower development teams. Both internal stakeholders and external service providers can collaborate and keep applications scalable more efficiently. CodeLogic CSI provides continuous scanning and a single source of truth that acts as “live documentation” to keep development teams aligned.

“The combination of binary scanning and runtime analysis defines a major evolution in developer-oriented technologies that can delve into real software material broadly and seamlessly. We examine the code and all related data sources,” he said. No other solution can store and reference the relationships and dependencies between different software elements and traverse different languages, frameworks, data models, and underlying infrastructures, knowing the cause and effect of each implementation. “

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