Quine Streaming Graph Simplifies Event Processing on Moving Data

Quine, launched by thatDot, Inc., is a pioneer in complex power management software. Quine’s approach combines graphical data and streaming technologies into a modern, developer-friendly open-source software package.

Data pipeline developers and engineers deploy Quine to scale complex, real-time workflows to process high-volume events. Batch processing, time windows, multi-level connections, and other archaic and time-consuming methods that slow down and interrupt the flow of data analysis can be replaced with a few Quine queries, saving months of development time and millions of dollars.

Quine can be downloaded for free from GitHub or the Quine community site. Quine is part of ThatDot’s portfolio of event processing solutions. DARPA’s cybersecurity research to identify insider threats and combat advanced persistent threats (APTs) used elements of thatDot solutions.

thatDot’s Quine is a powerful new tool for anyone building event-driven applications. Standing queries let us match complex patterns as data arrives as well as query the past shape of data without the restriction of time windows.” 

Roy Hodgman, Data Science Manager, Rapid7

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