Smartlogic launches next-generation semantic AI platform

Smartlogic launches next-generation semantic AI platform

Smartlogic, the leading technology in semantic AI, announced the release of Semaphore 5.4. 0, which contains additions and improvements to many traffic light models.

Modeling, scaling, and collaboration; factual and linguistic self-assessment; and integrate and visualize – on a modular, customizable platform that allows organizations to add functionality as their business needs evolve.

Semaphore 5.4.0 highlights

Advanced skills to develop knowledge models

  • New Linked Data, Mapping and Reconciliation Service
  • Improved support for text analysis and model enrichment

Model development with experts

  • Modern implementation of Semaphore Knowledge Review Tool (KRT) that extends development and collaboration capabilities
  • Selective task manager that supports commit and rollback

Self-assessment services, facts, and languages

  • Precision and reset features built into the user interface
  • Extensions of the fact-finding framework
  • Improved publishing optimization

Semaphore leverages the power of semantic AI with industry-recognized knowledge model management, accurate, comprehensive, and consistent language classification and services, and the latest fact-gathering capabilities to help organizations make smarter decisions. It was designed for the world’s largest enterprise that demands scalability and quality.

Semaphore adds value to business projects that require aggressive use of data, both organized and unstructured, both internally and externally. It also serves as a hub for cognitive applications, including intelligent contextual search, enriched process automation, relevant recommendation engines, customer experience, regulatory compliance, contract lifecycle management, and data security.

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