Ai Platform Released by Virtualitics to Develop AI-driven Decisions

Virtualitics, Inc. is an advanced analytics company that uses out-of-the-box artificial intelligence that can be understood by business analysts and executives to help companies and governments make better business choices faster by providing out-of-the-box AI that analysts and business stakeholders can understand and use.

Virtualitics AI platform supports the entire end-to-end AI workflow, making it easy for organizations to integrate and use AI in their operations. Customers can use the platform to:

Explore: Custom networks with artificial intelligence and multidimensional 3D visualization allow you to discover relationships in complex datasets.

Predict – Use powerful AI and no-code machine learning approaches, identify key trends, predict future events, and test scenarios that measure impact.

Prescription: Helps people take their next steps by providing reliable, consistent, and effective decision-making based on AI-generated advice.

Take Action: With AI-powered recommendations and the business systems that execute them, you can go from informed choice to action in one step.

“Enterprises today struggle to implement AI successfully and embed it into the flow of work. One of the big reasons for this is that business users and analysts can’t understand the output of AI applications and therefore don’t trust it. Virtualitics AI Platform solves this problem by making AI both understandable and accessible to anyone in the business.”

Michael Amori, Founder and CEO of Virtualitics

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