Digital Optimization System Launched by Amplitude on AWS Marketplace

Amplitude, Inc., a pioneer in digital optimization, today announced that Amplitude is now available on the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of thousands of software subscriptions from independent software vendors who find, test, buy and buy Amazon’s web-based software implement. Easier to operate. Services (AWS). Amplitude’s digital optimization system connects product data with business results. It is a mission center for managing, evaluating, and optimizing the business value of digital product innovation. Digital assets no longer just support businesses; is the business, and digital optimization helps teams gain actionable insights into product behavior to maximize growth. As a result, product data is used by the most successful companies to increase sales and gain a competitive edge. AWS users around the world can now use their AWS Marketplace accounts to easily get started with Amplitude.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for businesses to find, buy, order, deliver, and manage third-party software. The complete digital breadth optimization system is accessible through the AWS Marketplace, including Amplitude Analytics, Amplitude Recommended, and Amplitude Experiment. Customers can use all three solutions while taking advantage of Amplitude and AWS connections such as Amazon AppFlow and Amazon Pinpoint.

“Amplitude’s digital optimization system allows us to work faster, experiment faster, and reduce our time to insights to improve our product strategy as we grow,” said Assaf Ronen, SoFi’s Chief Product Officer. “We host our platform on AWS, so our team needs to connect with solution providers like Amplitude, who not only address key pain points for us related to personalization and democratization of data but also have deep connections to AWS.”

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