Consolidating Data Center Operations with Zero Business Disruption


The global company provides land, marine, and aerospace solutions worldwide. Data Center The company developed measurements for airports, defense, marine, and energy markets.


With an outdated data center and a long-standing, full-scale server center, the company wants to build a new, modern data center for its North American operations to support growth and expansion. After accumulating $ 6 million in debt and unveiling 800,000 square feet of new sites, he was unable to create a foundation and the first data center operations to describe a ten-month approach. The company didn’t have these resources and skills, and they knew they needed the right person to perform a high-level visualization process that they could use as the cornerstone of their future experiments to integrate other global data around the world and streamline their infrastructure.


With the planned sale, the company turned to PM Solutions, which provided professional management with a unique site experience to enhance the experience. PM Solutions ’program manager led the IT team and engineers and worked with resources outside the project. The first approach of the PM Solutions Program Manager was to divide the ten-month plan into four different categories with clear objectives, such as:

  • Build a new 800,000 square feet
  • Reconnect twenty-five devices to other hardware support and data connection support
  • You can replenish on-site accounts and transfer up to 70 employees from the archive office to a new office at the company’s headquarters.
  • Delete the archive and send it back home

The PM Solutions Project Manager reports directly to the Director of the Global Program Management Office (PMO) and, as a project sponsor, worked closely with the company’s CEO in North America. An important part of the PM Solutions program is the opportunity to work with all components – from business people to employees, to managers – who have a real understanding of what each team is doing to achieve project goals.


Its eight hundred million feet of new data was delivered on time and within its $ 6 million budget. All expectations were met and there were no business interruptions within 10 months of the end of the project. The company now has a new database with another 33% growth potential, which will allow it to further reduce its operations. The system-centric distribution system has been tested and evaluated for PM Solutions ’expertise and has now become a global standard for several programs and customer-centric service organizations.

PM Solutions continues to be a key partner in leading this project and is currently working on some high-level projects in its North American division.

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