The Future of Leadership in the Hybrid Digital Workplace

On-Demand  | 1 hour

Discussion Topics:

  • What is the difference between leading in a new world where “combination” works?
  • Improving and enhancing communication skills, appearance, and character
  • Future Leaders can be better teachers, leaders, and agents

EDT: 10.00 | BST: 3:00 p.m.

As jobs increase with numbers and hybrids, Future leaders today need to change for their people to be successful and reach their full potential. Managers should be consultants, advisers, and deputies. Many office workers around the world have shifted their housework, but before that, telecommuting accounted for five percent of the work. We are entering a world of dating services that requires a remote location, combination, and office. This special webinar helps managers make the necessary changes in a wide variety of ways.

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