Botify Launches Google Cloud Marketplace’s First Organic Search Solution

Botify, a leader in enterprise software for performance-based organic search, has expanded its involvement in Google’s cloud with the launch of SpeedWorkers in Google’s cloud marketplace. The extended relationship allows Google Cloud users to purchase the solution in addition to the Google Cloud subscription.

SpeedWorkers is part of the Botify Activation Suite, which automates the implementation of inefficient SEO activities. It faces a major challenge of the modern web: seemingly infinite content, which limits search engines’ ability to crawl tens and billions of pages on any website, especially those rich in JavaScript. This means that, on average, half of a company’s website goes unnoticed.

Botify uses SpeedWorkers to provide search engines with a more bot-friendly version of a website, allowing them to crawl much more, much faster, and more efficiently. As a result, more pages in organic searches are indexed and discovered by visitors, leading to a massive increase in traffic and measurable revenue. Helps bridge the gap between search marketers and web developers, allowing technical teams to spend less time on SEO and more time building a great user experience, which is increasingly difficult to achieve with limited resources.

Connected to Google Cloud since its inception in 2012, Botify uses BigQuery to store and analyze its customers’ valuable research data. This data is at the heart of the company’s analytics and intelligence suites, which provide companies with the information they need to select revenue-generating improvements.

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