Spitch launches in the US with omnichannel conversational AI solutions

Spitch launches in the US with omnichannel conversational AI solutions

Spitch.ai, a global leader in conversational AI solutions, today announced its launch in the United States following 400% year-over-year growth and a successful first round of funding in 2021. Next Generation Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

The conversational AI market has grown by 130% and continues to grow as companies look for customizable solutions to optimize their operations in terms of efficiency and accuracy. AI-powered solutions have expanded during the global pandemic and are still gaining ground, often led by existing multinational technology companies. However, designed to work with its customers and adapt to their unique needs, Spitch.ai is entering the US market ready to demonstrate true omnichannel capabilities. The customizable end-to-end artificial intelligence solution integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. Robust, affordable, and efficient time-to-market enables companies of all sizes to leverage AI through virtual speech and text assistants, speech analytics and voice biometrics, knowledge base, chat platform, and more.

Spitch develops and maintains its core technology with a focus on customer experience in the changing age of the digital customer, cost reduction, risk management, fraud, and compliance. The team includes elements with extensive industry experience; technical entrepreneurs and executive experience in multinational Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle, Genesys, Ericsson, Avaya, Yandex, SVOX, Nuance, BEA, and Swisscom.

Spitch.ai’s customers in Europe and the US span the finance, insurance, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, education, retail, transportation, public sector, and government industries, and in recent years Spitch’s solutions have expanded to 50 million end-users. The company plans to announce its US brands and partnerships in the coming weeks, as well as the official opening of its first US office.

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