Clue, a Bristol-based SaaS Investigation, and Intelligence platform, secures £5M funding: Here’s why

Clue, cloud management, and the SaaS platform have received £ 5 million from project investor Frog Capital.

This funding will enable the Bristol-based company to support its ever-growing global strategy and a new framework for improving the results of clinical trials.

About Frog Capital

London-based Frog Capital is a Scale-Up Investor planning to grow European computer and software companies in the Scale-Up sector.

Mike Reid, a Frog Capitalist who will join the Clue Commission, said: “The other half of Clue’s business has a big problem with the lack of skills to get people to search as accurately and efficiently as they want.

He added: “Clue’s technology offers customers step-by-step changes in the way they conduct and solve complex and complex research. By hiring Frog and experienced executives, Clue can accelerate their professional organizations and, above all, results. Among other things.

Why Clue?

So far, there has been a lot of money and expertise in research. The idea that the police will take notes is not far off.

The Bristol-based company combines the information, data and evidence gathered during the search to provide customers with better results.

Investigation and intelligence software

Founded by Clare Elford and Thomas Drohan, Clue is a SaaS-based platform for monitoring governance used by police, government, NGOs, and others to help fight serious and organized crime, corruption, the community, finance, and the world.

The clue said demand for Clue has doubled in the last two years.

The Clue Principles also apply to the police and can be used by all organizations to investigate grave crimes or corruption, from kidnappings and child protection crimes to community crime and sports fraud.

Clare Elford, the chief executive, said: “The world of intelligence and research is no longer a police force, it is becoming more powerful. Organizations are doing more and more research.

“Clue has built on years of research experience that enables government officials and analysts to find results. Success. Many of those committed to preventing corruption and seeking justice have to deal with the complexity and complexity of data. It continues to rely on traditional data. Methods or marketing.

CCO Thomas Drohan said: “With this investment, we will strengthen the government’s capacity to increase the use of AI and ML, automation, information technology, and business intelligence as it progresses. We will continue to support and grow our users. Business growth and better. Market response.”

Clue’s new president, Adam Hale, said: “I met Clare and Thomas before the illness and was amazed at the construction and many marketing challenges that Clue has solved. Since then, they have worked with the ScaleUp Group. SaaS is an investment in Frog Capital. I like it again worked with Nick Harber. I studied computer science in Bristol in the ’80s and would like to return to a developed city. Support growing organizations like Clue.

“Now it’s Clue’s ‘first end’ and the beginning of a market leader approach. From talking to customers, I feel that Clue is very important to them. There are many opportunities and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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