Entropic Introduces Groundbreaking Eye Tracking Technology

Emotion AI global leader Entropic Tech today announced the launch of multi-platform eye-tracking technology for web and mobile devices. Using web-based search and digital search engines makes searching more accurate, efficient, and easier for users. Using AI and ML technology (adapted to common problems such as lighting and cameras), Entropik’s eye-scanning technology maintains more than 96% accuracy. In addition, it is designed for integrated development, enabling the study and broadcasting of several species in more than 120 countries.

Entropy vision analysis technology is also available for external integration with web and mobile development tools (SDKs) that allow our enterprise developers to measure data. it is seen as unprecedented. . Surveys are used to identify and evaluate people’s perceptions of certain tasks and to provide valuable information about customer needs and behavior.

Eye points are divided into seconds. Advanced AI-based neural network algorithms capture real-time viewing and integrate data into the Consumer Insights Entropik platform, guiding translating and converting content into information. While still maintaining high accuracy, Entropik’s technology is based on eye performance that is cheaper and cheaper than other eye-tracking technologies.

The eyewear market is expected to grow from $ 368 by 2020 to $ 298 by 2025, three times in just five years. There is a growing and growing need for analytics technology in many areas today, including marketing, search, e-commerce, ed-tech, and more.

Entropic Tech, based in the United States, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the European Union, and the Middle East in Asia, has helped developers use Emotion AI technology to better inform their customers. New eye-tracking technology released today is available as a SAAS (software service) module, such as Entropik’s face coding and brainwave mapping technology.

About Entropic Tech

Entropic is the world’s first Emotion AI platform to offer technology for visualizing ideas that can streamline artificial intelligence. Entropic Consumer Owner Platform – Affect Lab – allows companies to measure customer needs in marketing, marketing, and product information. Entropic provides cultural information to more than 150 business customers worldwide at Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, and Entertainment. Based in India, the company operates in the EU, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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