features an open-source set of ML pipelines ready for developers

Artificial intelligence (AI) provider and machine learning platform, a subsidiary of Intel, announced the release of artificial intelligence (AI) plans to enable developers to rapidly build AI applications with easy ML pipelines to use than any infrastructure. AI Blueprints is an open-source, curated, open-source library of machine learning model APIs and customizable channels that enable software developers to quickly add AI to their applications to solve any challenge, business, or product.’s AI projects build on’s experience working with some of the world’s most important data. Artificial intelligence teams study and recognize recurring bottlenecks and technical issues that arise when implementing machine learning. AI Blueprints is a set of comprehensive, data-centric, and customizable machine learning pipelines that focus on accessible integration of data sources and destinations.’s AI projects are community-driven and include a collection of dozens of AI use cases with over 100 components that will continue to evolve as more people contribute. Additionally, organizations can host their own private blueprints repository using AI blueprints, which will also help data scientists democratize their work by allowing other developers to apply appropriate machine learning for their business use.

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