DataRobot and Hexaware Collaborate to Help Customers Accelerate their AI Journey

Hexaware, a global IT company operating in open-source digital media, NLP, NLG, and cloud technologies, today announced a partnership with DataRobot, the director of artificial intelligence. The partnership enables companies in all organizations to accelerate their AI experience, helping to grow the size of the company.

Despite the surprising benefits that artificial intelligence can provide to organizations, only 14.6% of companies use artificial intelligence in manufacturing, according to company reports. DataRobot integration with Hexaware enables organizations to break this barrier with a powerful DataRobot AI Cloud that provides an integrated platform for four user utilities, data types, and regions, as well as faster deployment of AI in production.

“We at Hexaware are excited to announce our partnership with DataRobot, which will enable customers in all businesses to accelerate their business travel,” said Vaidya JR, Hexaware’s global head of data and artificial intelligence. He added: “Hexaware solutions based on DataRobot’s AI Cloud platform enable companies to streamline the development of artificial intelligence into a scalable database, open deep data and accelerate, and access data solutions in decision-making. Hexaware continues. For the customer. – Choose a journey.”

Data Science, the Scientific Science Area at Hexaware, currently operates in areas such as banking, manufacturing and sales, travel and transportation, health and insurance, and Business Services.

As part of the merger, Hexaware also announced KYC (Know Your Customer), which provides artificial intelligence services to help financial companies meet KYC standards.

About DataRobot

DataRobot AI Cloud is the next generation of artificial intelligence. An integrated platform is built for all databases, all users, and all communities to provide valuable business information to all organizations. Customers around the world rely on DataRobot in the industry and collectibles, and it accounts for a third of Fortune 50.

About Hexaware

Hexaware is a global IT services company that enables companies around the world to track changes in technology size and speed. Our three-tier approach to Automate All®, Cloudify All®, and Customer Experience Experience® aims to foster integration between users to solve complex business problems. . We enable organizations and future market leaders to build a stable business by helping them provide low-sink solutions through cloud service, product design, and advanced automation.

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