Beyond Limits Announces New Cognitive AI Software Products for Refining

Beyond Limits, marketing and commercial AI Software Company based on much-needed components, today announced the public availability of LUMINA Refinery Advisor. Based in partnership with be, this cloud-based offering uses Beyond Limits ’Cognitive AI software to better deploy business plans, capture and deploy technology, reduce invention costs, increase efficiency, accelerate sales time, and reduce internal waste essential components of oil and gas.

Beyond Limits LUMINA Refinery Advisor allows refiners to keep track of refining plans from time to time and adapt to changing situations by providing real-time directors and technical instructions based on expertise, operational engineers, and repair procedures. The seamless solution provides an easily installable and inexpensive solution that satisfies the forestry process functions in the digital environment, enhancing the interaction between planning, engineers, and operations to ensure that all equipment is present promptly in the direction they need maintaining hygiene in good repair.

“In a dynamic and complex manufacturing environment, real-time data available technology opportunities have proven invaluable for our team,” said Maddy Hoyne, Optimization Inspector, be Whiting Refinery. “The rapid installation of the LUMINA Refinery Advisor on the website has helped us make changes quickly and consistently resulting in improved performance soon.”

About Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is a leading AI company that maintains operations, improves efficiency, and enhances the development of desired businesses including power, resources, and healthcare.

Beyond the traditional wisdom, our integrated products are empowered by Beyond Limits ’award-winning Cognitive AI technology, using the AI-enabled approach to integrate information systems and increase human knowledge to demonstrate reliability in system management, risk management, and cost savings.

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