ServisBOT helps Accelerate the Development and Enhancement of Conversational AI Bot Solutions powered by Amazon Lex

ServisBOT, an advanced in-site (AI) platform that helps Amazon Lex developers and customers accelerate the promotion and optimization of bot solutions, is pleased to expand its work with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) in a news release opportunity to interview AI.

Chat AI is a type of communication technology that combines the use of natural language (NLP), advanced speech recognition (ASR), machine learning, and machine learning, enabling digital assistants and chatbots to understand user requests and fulfill user needs on the product and technologies are changing the way businesses and consumers interact with a wide range of communication technologies and environments.

The impact of covid-19 epilepsy increased the need for support for AI technology as businesses quickly sought solutions to speed up their efforts to change technology, improve personal performance, and reduce injury time. Successful results are achieved by businesses through these processes that enhance and enhance AI project discussions. This further encourages developers to quickly search for solutions in the market and increase volume while minimizing the burden of bot control and scalability.

ServisBOT’s interactive AI platform, based on the AWS technology suite, enables all developers and marketers to quickly improve their bot and speed up their responses, allowing them to create Lex bot solutions and sell faster.

Key features of the ServisBOT AI Chat Platform include:

1. Supported by one of the largest NLP search engines and live chat integration, the ServisBOT platform provides limited resources to:

• Get started quickly using pre-built images and send media messenger immediately

• Assist, modify, list, and/or export goals and information

• Increase the number of satisfactory activities that can be used without a label

• Select from the huge library of social media photos (carousels, photos, videos, menus, calendars, etc.)

• Organize project-related events with purpose using a pull-n-slip indicator

• Increase bot development skills (eg language, recording, short speech, etc.)

• Customized link to Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect as well as other AI services

• Off-the-box integration with all popular communication programs.

2. Built on major AWS services such as Amazon Cognito, AWS AppSync, AWS Core Management Service (KMS), Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Fargate, a framework that provides reliability, security & amp; papers, and security with full records, inspections, and opportunity inspections.

3. For organizations that need AI-enabled solutions, ServisBOT’s multi-bot architecture allows multiple Amazon Lex bots built-in. Event with an update. It has a free server structure, a platform that captures automatic configuration, and provides common organizational team integration as well as control and control for all bots through information technology (IT) promotion.

“We are excited to partner with ServisBOT on AI chat solutions,” said Arte Merritt Global Segment Lead of AI Chat at AWS. “With the usual Amazon Lex integration, as well as out-of-the-box integration, customers can take advantage of digital support and feedback solutions without slowing their growth.”

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