Cerebras Systems and G42 to Partner to Bring High-Performance AI Compute to the Middle East

Cerebras Systems, a pioneer in rapid artificial intelligence (AI), and G42, a leading AI and cloud computing company, today announced to GMIS the signing of a statement of information (MOU) where they will present the advanced AI certification in the Middle East. The G42, which will lead many regional software developments, will upgrade Cerebras – a leading technology package and CS-2 systems to provide comparable AI capabilities to its affiliates and large community.

AI innovation begins to focus on solving three problems:

• Building a large and efficient network of Arabic language (NLP) solutions to solutions for new and more complex technologies using the Arabic language.

• Build a deep and precise cloud network for learning high-resolution geographic and physical satellite images.

• Using the National Genome Program as a vehicle to develop new methods and algorithms for the next generation of genomics and AI.

Peng Xiao, Group General Manager, G42, said, “We believe in G42 in strong partnerships and have embraced this approach as a business as an integral part of our company’s DNA.

Cerebras technology speeds up the response time of modern AI tasks from months to minutes – both in terms of power and availability in the simulation phase. It will also support future multi-trillion simulations with brain-inspired AI systems. The company’s CS-2 system, led by the industry-driven Wafer Scale Engine (WSE-2), is based on AI, providing massive consumer attacks in hospitals and healthcare facilities, facilities, national testing facilities, and more.

Under the new agreement, G42 will prepare its cloud computing industry, along with its research organization, the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, with new technologies for faster AI detection and deployment marketing solutions to meet some of the most complex challenges deals with local, regional, and international organizations in all contexts.

About Cerebras Systems

The Cerebras System is a team of advanced computer engineers, computer scientists, academic researchers, and field experts of all kinds. We have come together to build a new class of computer systems, designed for the sole purpose of speeding AI and forever transforming the future of AI work. Our CS-2 Cerebras system, powered by a major global organization – WSE-2, allows users to speed up their in-depth learning in order of magnitude at a scale.

About G42

The G42 is an Abu Dhabi-based global leader in cloud computing and computing that is instrumental in exploring the full potential of AI systems. A tool for encouraging progress. Born into a global AI search capability, today the G42 is building several solutions within MENA and operating a diverse network of developing and operating companies smart cities, health, financial services, geospatial, aviation, oil & gas, sports, and more. In carrying out its mission, the G42 will partner with the best, including governments, organizations, and individuals, to move the world forward.

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