UST Earns Microsoft Low Code Application Development Advanced Specialization

UST, the leading digital translation company, announced today that it has acquired Microsoft Low Code Application Development software. This unique high-quality certificate is available to Microsoft affiliates that specialize in professionalism, delivery services, and support.

The Microsoft Power Platform, a Low Code No Code (LCNC) tool, enables UST to meet customer needs for fast and time-to-market technology solutions by meeting requirements and satisfaction at a reasonable price. Low-cost data helps companies, businesses and manufacturers meet the growing demand for jobs, automatic time savings, customer intelligence, and a good mix.

“UST is a diligent and dedicated Microsoft partner, and expertise in Low Code Application Development puts us in a global partnership that can meet the standards,” said Vijay Padmanabhan, CEO of UST. “This success is a major milestone for OST, enabling our customers to see that we are one of Microsoft’s most collaborative partners around the world in providing this service.”

Gartner predicts that 70% of new applications developed by developers will use low-cost code – no code until 2025. The advent of LCNC platforms, such as Microsoft’s Power Platform, could bring the potential for system upgrades with a growing number of ‘Citizens’. Developers, ‘enable organizations and government agencies to accelerate the flow of annual change and quickly realize value.

With LCNC platforms, anyone can build applications, quickly and at a fraction of the cost, resulting in a decrease in the “Citizen Developer” feature. As these trends drive the development of technology, UST is taking the lead in helping consumers take advantage of this unique feature.

Rodney Clark, Vice President of Corporate, Global Partner Solutions, Channel Sales and Channel Chief, Microsoft added, “Microsoft’s Low Code Application Development expertise informs potential partners to be more competent when it comes to producing low-cost applications. UST demonstrates this as a service professional to low-level and professional legal reform. “

About UST

For more than two decades, UST has worked with the best companies in the world to make a real difference through technology. Driven by expertise, inspired by people, and guided by our mission, we treat our clients from design to action. We identify their key issues and listen to the challenges to maintain their vision through our fast-track system. With deep expertise and a proven future philosophy, we introduce expertise and equity to our member organizations to sell – delivering valuable value and lasting change to industry and the world. Together, with more than 26,000 employees in 25 countries, we are building a lasting solution – virtually capturing billions of lives.

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