AGAT Announces the Launch of Agi – A Game-Changing AI Meeting Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams and Webex

Today AGAT Software announced the launch of Agi, an AI Virtual Assistant with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and soon.

The air enhances the performance of meetings using AI data analysis to automatically visualize key functions such as options, tasks, information, and summary.

The air will integrate features into your work management system including Asana,, Trello, Microsoft Planner, and more. Agi will announce the title of the project as well as the date of booking and will provide services to real people.

For example, if Alice says to Bob, “Bob, please check the information next Tuesday,” Acting will automatically ‘Check the information’ Bob’s work and the next day. Work done during the workshop will be available in the Webex / MS Teams group for speech and the ability to capture, listen in the background and send to the discussion. Reminders are automatically generated and sent as text messages to the event/group of events by the deadline.

Acting can also see the need for a next meeting and arrange it accordingly.

And again, Agi creates your meeting protocols and prospect AI-based meetings. This allows present and absent participants to know what was discussed and the decisions made at the meeting.

Acting can also help improve communication and solve communication problems in the Meeting Feelings section. Act assesses emotions and provides several positive/negative points to help you identify and deal with a wide range of negative emotions and develop positive behaviors.

With Agi’s continued collaboration, better meetings are guaranteed, and productivity increases.

About AGAT Software

AGAT is a software development company specializing in the implementation, security, and development of Integrated Communication Services (UCC) such as MS Teams, Webex, Skype, Zoom, and Slack. Among AGAT’s main strengths are Ethical Wall, Real-time DLP, Discovery, and Administrator.

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