Deutsche Kreditbank Deploys Pega’s Low-Code Platform to Improve Back Office Efficiency

Pegasystems Inc., a software company dismantling heavy companies, announced today that full-time support from Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) DKB Service GmbH (DKBS) has expanded Pega Platform Ning production and backup acquirements – Scene office services.

Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, DKBS is a service partner of the DKB Group with 17 locations and more than 1,700 employees.

Using the attachment platform, DKBS performed many rear functions in the first phase of the vehicle, including mail delivery. This new benefit has shortened customers ’working hours and enabled them to work on important employee tasks. The plan supports the company’s goal of increasing sales by 100 percent over the next three years as operations continue.

The Pega platform is fully integrated with DKBS ‘current technology platform, creating a hidden bridge between its systems. This decompression allows users to easily reuse Pega’s original functionality on other systems, ensuring simplicity and speed.

Pega’s low-code standard allows DKBS users to create programs without prior programming knowledge. As a result, DKBS develops most of its automated and time-saving resources. Over the next year, the bank plans to train more Pega employees to support this digital transformation program.

Quotes & Commentary:

 “The first results are very encouraging and show that our parents are in our plan.”

“In the current environment, companies need to focus employee time and energy on evaluating customers,” said Steve Morgan, CEO. We look forward to supporting and benefiting from DKB in the next phase of the project. The change in numbers is for their customers, employees, and companies.”

About Pegasystems

Pega offers new programs to solve business problems so our customers can make informed decisions and do things. We help the world’s top brakes solve their most important business problems: add consumer value to life, simplify customer service, customers, and increase productivity. Pega technology is based on real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning, while our dedicated design and low-quality platform help developers adapt quickly to future changes and innovations.

About DKB

Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), headquartered in Berlin, is part of the BayernLB Group and works with companies and buyers with more than 4,500 employees. The balance sheet total is EUR 126.9 billion and it is one of the 20 best banks in Germany. More than 4.8 million people buy DKB. They continue to facilitate and secure their online banking transactions. DKB’s experts serve corporate customers at DKB’s 25 offices in Germany. From the outset, the Bank will focus on the areas of the future (business) that work with companies and communities: housing, health and care, education, agriculture, development, and potential energy. DKB is one of the market leaders in many of these sectors of the economy.

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