Nvidia is in a trademark clash for its next-gen GPU name, Hopper

Nvidia and Dish Network, a satellite television company, are in a legal dispute over the use of the term “Hopper”. On the one hand, you have Nvidia, which wants to use the name of the next-generation GPU, and on the other hand, is the Dish Network with its Hopper satellite reception line.

Nvidia names its GPU generation after the most popular scientists. For example, Pascal was named after French mathematician Blaise Pascal and Ampere after Frenchman André-Marie Ampère. To keep up with this trend, Nvidia wants to name its next-generation GPU after Grace Hopper, Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy and a well-known computer scientist who has been a pioneering pioneer in programming languages.

Interestingly, he also found the first computer bug. Like, a real bug: a moth stuck in a relay that caused damage to its system.

Dish Network offers a range of products called Hopper to its kangaroo-inspired brands, such as Hopper 3, Hopper with Sling, and Hopper Duo. There is also a product line called Joey.

There are different brand names out there, but that may not be very true in the world of a trademark conflict.

The purpose of the article, as stated by our sister site Tom’s Hardware in its report, is that Dish Network holds a patent, registered on June 5, 2012, for “Hopper” players without font, shape, size, or color. . This label is for products related to the digital receiver and audio equipment. It also handles similar signals of the word Hopper along with the kangaroo, Hopper Duo, and Hoppergo.

Dish Network believes that there could be some disruption on the customer side if Nvidia continues to launch its new-gen Hopper GPUs and that consumers could jeopardize both the GPU and satellite receivers – from the same company. Beauty, new.

Nvidia began filing the Nvidia Hopper patent in 2019, although in 2020 it was repaid to Nvidia with a scripting lawyer who has several issues, including the possibility of confusion with existing Hopper brands.

The dispute lasted for the rest of 2021, with several reasons to suspend the decision, as well as companies trying to reach an agreement.

This grace period, without further extension, will expire on February 22, 2022. If no further action is taken, the case will be reopened. Although it may be some other addition or improvement that will come before it. At some point, Nvidia will want to release this hitherto unannounced Hopper product line and will have to clarify matters with the Dish Network before that happens.

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