Nvidia’s CEO doesn’t see an end to the chip shortage anytime soon

The ongoing chip shortage continues to bite hard.

Any player who has tried to buy a GPU chip in the last 18 months knows how bad the market situation is. Symptoms of rarity associated with infectious diseases are few and far between. High demand and ongoing supply constraints are hitting the sports industry hard. Oh, let’s not forget everything the GPU needs too!

Those looking for a glimmer of near-term hope may lower their expectations following a statement from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Huang made the remarks during a Yahoo Finance interview to discuss the latest presentation of GTC technology.

“I think this desire will be much greater in the coming year. We don’t have a magic bullet in the supply chain,” Huang said.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger had a similar idea for a short time. “We are in the worst situation right now, the next quarter of a year is coming, we will get better, but they won’t have a balance between supply and demand until 2023,” Gelsinger said in a statement.

If your heart rate is low, there’s hope coming from customers looking to buy a GPU near RRP. It is expected that GPU prices and availability will gradually increase in 2022 as Ethereum continues to witness more and more evidence of GPU-based performance. Mining will stop before the change because there will be less time to recover the expensive purchase price. However, this is a theory. Additionally, Intel Alchemist GPUs may offer a free quote if they can provide a reasonable price/gaming performance rating.

In the short term, things could go well and affect the Black Friday market. Can we expect manufacturers or retailers to offer big discounts on time when these desired items are offered? We’ll be as close as we can to the best trades of all time, but this year you can be fast especially if you’re a player looking to get a deal off the water.

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