OnRobot Makes Software Debut with WebLytics Solution for Collaborative Applications

OnRobot, a one-stop shop for affiliate robots, has launched its first program with WebLlytics, unique product analysis, machine simulation, and data analytics.

Able to view the functionality of several interactive devices simultaneously and in real-time, WebLlytics collects resources from all tools and converts them into realistic, visual tools.

For end-users and developers, WebLlytics not only deletes database data – but also provides performance information more efficiently. Collaborate, provide live machine testing, signatures, and monitoring systems to keep the cost of the robot cell low.

The integration of on-the-go (OEE) technology reflects global rotation, WebLytics track real-time processes within the robot cell., Including sequence, tops, and error processing. OEE estimates that part of the production time is very efficient – a 100% estimate indicates that the product is only available in good quality parts, as quickly as possible, and that there is no downtime. Using these OEE systems, WebLlytics can detect high-speed output and can monitor and evaluate optimal results. An important circle of consumer knowledge for the major manufacturers.

WebLlytics can report the use of portable robots and OnRobot tools such as hookups, camera surveillance, and sensors, as well as the number of security protections, start stops, and the number of circuits created during use.

When making changes to a robot cell, such as changing the speed of the robot or setting a fork, WebLlytics can also report the handling of these changes to the operating system.

If there is a problem with merging after release, WebLlytics allows users to check the collected data directly. Robot (s) and equipment and communicate its results using special boards.

Laszlo Papp, Production and Sales Engineer Manager at Watecec Hungary Kft., Leads WebLlytics in hardware management, construction and production, and maintenance of equipment:

“In this fast-paced world, time is everything. Time is of the essence, WebLlytics helps you identify small mistakes that can waste time,” he says. “WebLlytics can save you and your product line a lot of time and make it easier to record both backups and product changes. My favorite experience is the dashboard. It’s done. My last use of the same real-time platform to track, collect data, and access online WebLlytics reports make it easier to handle your requests than ever before.

WebLlytics maintains ease of use, capabilities, ease, and functionality that differentiate all OnRobot products. Compatible with practical developers and all OnRobot tools, WebLlytics is easy to add, proven to be the future as new tools and tools become available. WebLlytics access is provided in a secure, easy-to-use user interface that displays OEE metrics and KPIs

Used by users across four platforms. Provides a quick and clear summary of real-time and historical applications.

A WebLlytics server can be placed under a local chat store or added to an advanced network to connect to a robot cell. The collected data is stored locally on the WebLlytics server. Nowadays, rooted websites are accessible anytime from a social networking website or anywhere in the world via a secure HTTPS connection.

WebLlytics is not just a powerful tool for users; it also creates new financial opportunities for companies, providing a plan they need to integrate old data storage and motor-sharing cellular services.

“WebLlytics is a great addition to our existing product line and provides up-to-date information on OnRobot products and services – in this case, remote testing, machine measurement, and testing. Data – expensive and affordable.”

About OnRobot

OnRobot product has many different tools and software integration, including power, vacuum, and magnet handle, Gecko handle technology, power/moment sensor, 2.5D visual system, scanner, sand tools, and new features. Supported by the free e-learning platform OnRobot, OnRobot facilitates the use of tools together for tasks such as sorting, capturing, capturing, viewing, merging, and finishing regardless of previous experience or expertise. They also have their headquarters in Odense, Denmark, OnRobot in Dallas, Soest (Germany), Barcelona,   Warsaw, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Budapest.

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