Pega Introduces New AI-Powered Capability to Usher in the Next Generation of Omnichannel Marketing

Pega Systems Inc., a software company that is tearing down difficult businesses, today launched Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys, a new AI-powered technology that makes customer travel easier by making choices and modeling solutions for most business transactions. This is the ability to change the traditional market taking into account the change of personality. Instead of forcing customers to go the way they intended, vendors can intelligently identify a specific location and customer needs in any marketplace it’s time, change and change their behavior in real-time, and enable messaging in the ways they want to prefer.

As organizations face the constant pressure of capturing consumer attention in a noisy and competitive environment, traditional methods no longer work. Typically, brakes depend on scheduled trips to push products to selected customer groups at set intervals. But because people are strict and don’t usually follow the line method, these practices often result in bad time, customer communication. At best, the customer ignores the reckless gift, and at worst he jumps into the competition.

Part of the Peer Customer Choice Hub ™, Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys is creating a process for change, finding collaborative solutions that help organizations:

Rapidly activate journey data: Instead of fixed transaction rules and models, every customer trip is now and the size they can be automatically included in the sample samples. By integrating all available customer data, organizations can increase the order and value of all data in real-time, ultimately helping to improve performance.

Orchestrate journeys with real-time propensity scoring: While traditional responses require users to create a siloed, product titles are considered four to increase customer experience in use in terms of applications, methods, and business lines. Depending on the real-time, stored data, businesses can better understand when they need to switch between sales, service, and customer retention in real-time when they change.

Analyze and optimize journey performance: Features of deploying a driving module for four customer profiles and products in real-time while people interact with the signals during their travels. This helps traders identify the best ways to walk across bridges and steps, quickly remove roadblocks and continuously improve operations.

Part of Pega Infinity ™’s digital transformation software, Pega Consumer Choice Hub seems to be the “brain” to deliver AI-centric solutions to all human consumer purchases – internal, external, and paid – that satisfy all interactions and increase customer value. . The prediction of customer appraisal and decision-making enables organizations to provide unique information and promote the next best practice Real-time customer space – from marketing to sales to customer service and care.

About Pegasystems

Pega offers new programs to overcome business difficulties so that our customers can make informed decisions and do things. We help the world’s major brakes solve their core business problems: increasing customer value over time, simplifying customer service, customer service, and increasing productivity. Pega technology is powered by real-time AI and automated intelligence, while our integrated design and low latency help developers quickly adapt to future changes and innovations.

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