Mobile regression testing for a leading identification service provider

Undoubtedly, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. To ensure smooth usage, this case study focuses on the needs of our customers and strengthens our mobile phone. When our customer enters a new location, we help them fully evaluate their phone usage. Read more about this review.


The customer is a leading provider of good quality mobile phone services, spam and text message blocking, call recording, and other services. The client has recently relocated to new areas that include, but are not limited to, banking and financial transactions, including all fees, site visits, and loans.

Problem/amount of work

Thanks to QA InfoTech’s knowledge and experience in providing customers with testing and quality control services in a variety of areas, including BFSI, store, e-commerce general mobile domain, the customer has come to us to fully evaluate their new business tests, facing telephone limitations. As the consumer had the largest customer base in India, the main challenge was to ensure that safety tests were done smoothly for the Indian market. Along with that, the service provider had to make sure that the phone is supported and running on iOS and Android devices.


QA InfoTech has improved its optional testing of service and action items. Based on data analysis and the most commonly used devices in India (Android or iOS), we have thoroughly analyzed all the results. The experiment covered some solution problems, including:

• Market plans around the tool supply matrix: The QA team prepares this regularly to collect three quarters and adjust market requirements according to the respective matrix.

Perform internal UI analysis and execution

• Future transformation plans

• The combination of short and heavy delivery brings the required time and usually returns to the committee system, ensuring adequate coverage while the test program grows throughout the day.

The question of the Constitution

The complete experimental project was followed by QA InfoTech, which included several experiments and tools from the experiment. The integrated test program includes test runs, wideband testing, and more. Developed by the QA team. These include:

A judicial inspection conducted and prepared by the service provider

Jiri received the distribution of the experimental operating tool Zephyr, studying 900 and 560 provocation cases for Apple and iOS devices respectively.

Retesting, storage of scales and additional testing, filling, etc. by unit

• Perform an inspection at the planned facility and perform one day and each week

The test exam also includes an improved way to communicate with the supplier and the quality control team. The client’s PoC collaborated closely with the QA team over the weekend. In addition, the service provider simultaneously shared trial and error. Daily state reports were sent to the customer in the vicinity of the problems and roadblocks they encountered during compliance. Monthly review meetings were also held with QA InfoTech and the client.

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