Ride-hailing app Bolt lets drivers control their prices in select UK cities

Bolt is a European super-app tool that works extremely secure, accessible, and accessible. Today, the transportation industry has introduced a new system by allowing drivers to make their own choices with drivers. Again, the news comes after Uber raised its tax rate in London to attract more drivers.

First-of-its kind move

These new models introduced by Bolt are the first of any kind of sports car in the UK. This is designed to improve Bolt’s performance for drivers as it gives them more control over their business. In addition, the company hopes to address the country’s problems with a shortage of drivers, which has resulted in longer stops, higher prices, and more stops.

With this new capability, drivers can set their tariffs according to their preferences and market conditions. In addition, they are free to adhere to the company’s price policy. This is expected to make Bolt a stable market for weekly investments and reduce time.

UK-wide rollout on cards

Bolt is testing these innovations in several UK cities. In addition, it looks like advertising before Christmas. Currently, a driving license with Bolt earns £ 20 per hour including waiting time but many get more. Currently, there are 65,000 drivers and 4 million customers in the UK with 14 seats.

Commenting on this change, Sam Raciti, Bolt Regional Director for Western Europe, said: “Drivers often ask us to be able to set their bills to ensure a successful trip. By making these changes we hope to reduce waiting times in the Bolt app and reduce driver error so that customers can arrive faster and more safely with increasing demand in a few weeks. We designed our business by providing drivers with a flexible environment. These changes are part of the philosophy and will create a lucrative market.

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