Safe-T Group Launches Its Consumer Privacy Solution for Microsoft Windows

Safe-T Group Ltd., a global provider of cybersecurity and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses, today announced its entry into the home computing market with the launch of its first consumer privacy solution designed for Windows PCs (“PC “).

Building on the success and cutting-edge technology of its iOS privacy solution, which currently helps protect thousands of mobile devices, Safe-T is expanding its offering to the global Windows PC market. With approximately 50% of global data traffic coming from PC/laptop1 and over 40% of global consumers already victims of online identity theft2, the need to ensure privacy when browsing at home is more important than ever. Never.

“Privacy and personal data are increasingly at risk, which is why we need to provide our users with comprehensive protection for their iOS computers and mobile devices. We are proud to announce the launch of our privacy solution for Windows PCs, a strategic development that allows us to capitalize on an important global opportunity by expanding our offering into the housing market,” said Shachar Daniel, CEO of Safe-T. “Our goal is to leverage the strong appeal we generate with our iOS mobile products as we continue to expand our portfolio into untapped market segments, including other mobile and computing platforms, in the coming months.”

By using advanced encryption technologies, PC Privacy Solution prevents access to or tracking of a user’s personal information by Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”), advertisers, and third parties. By blocking the ability to track or monitor a user’s online activity and history, your personal information is protected when browsing at home or when using public Wi-Fi or other unsecured Internet access points. Consumer privacy for computers allows users to protect themselves from online attacks, including identity and credit card theft.

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