A Case Analysis of Information Technology Management in a Public University


 Using a cross-sectional survey, this study examines the problems of Information Technology management at a public university in Malaysia, the university. The results suggest that the university’s traditional decision-making practice is not yet fully developed and that a comprehensive assessment of IT planning and funding is lacking. The information software on the platform is integrated into integrated systems, taking into account the needs of the different sectors, and the solutions that support it are uncertain. A new set of information systems has explicit features and functions designed to overcome obstacles to a good campus information system.


University, Computer Science, Technology, Design Campus, Malaysia 1.0 INCLUSION The university plays an important role in the knowledge economy as it operates in the field of information and knowledge dissemination (McRobbie & Palmer, 2001). Any university that wants to compete with the 21st-century educational community needs to make the most of ICT (Gayle et al., 2003). Technology literacy should, among other things, be an integral part of any university (Titthasiri, 2000). This is because a change in skills changes universities, redefines the roles, needs, and expectations of students, faculty, and administrative staff, and can lead to significant changes in university performance and structures. Therefore, universities need to find a way to improve their performance through new IT systems to improve quality and transform organizations and managers. IT management is very important as IT has become the center for teaching, learning, and research in a modern university (McRobbie & Palmer, 2001). For example, the results of studies in Malaysia show that few public universities in Malaysia have effectively used IT resources (Ismail et al., 2007) to get into the public sector, the private sector. Design and implementation of computer inscriptions in Malaysia for the training center. continue outside the developed world (Viczany & Puteh, 2004). Despite the great efforts of the Malaysian government to build a new generation of skilled workers, many universities want to integrate government IT into their education, training, and education systems (Juhary, 2005). The aim of this research was to use a method to improve the current IT management of the Malaysian public university (later called university). The outcome of this process is critical to the growth of Malaysian state universities and to become one of the leading universities in the world.

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