COVID-19 Functional testing of the global Internet donation platform

TIP COVID-19 Functional provides funding to organizations through various mechanisms or programs to assist the government / NGOs / the coronavirus. Our client also created an online platform for collecting donations on the website and wanted to see if the platform could handle the heavy load of recurring events. Sun. Keep reading to see how we have helped the customer improve process quality and run the cheapest business.


The COVID-19 Functional virus, organizations, and individuals around the world have funded various tools or instruments to help governments / NGOs / organizations fight the deadly virus. Helping the poor. Our patient has created an online platform to receive donations from local and international routes.

In the problem setting

The customer has been using his new system (for most APP/web and DB services) for many years at an attractive level. They wait for thousands of daily currency exchanges and want to see that the system relies on dealing with system processes at peak times with the best user experience.

The project team encouraged us to conduct a training project in a few hours to troubleshoot response times. They also needed engineers to show the work in an existing area (equipped efficiently) and helped the construction team manage the equipment in the future (millions of companies). Checked daily).


We used several experimental methods to determine if the platform could handle 2 million transactions per hour and 2 million transactions per day. The only reason is that the system supports the required loading of small vessels, ensuring that the gold/singing functions are efficient and responsive. Here are some ways to achieve this goal:

Check the number of passwords and make sure the system (or user interface) of this system does not change easily during loading

It offers a variety of tests, including:

Reliable tests to determine the performance of acceptable functions as a commitment

o Examples of content search to see if the system can be used to support future downloads

Focus on trying to spot cracks and heal when finished

Rigid testing ensures that memory is not lost and the system works at home under heavy loads for long periods of time.

Conduct studies in various data areas to manage emergencies

• COVID-19 Functional Determine the severity of the problem and help the team adjust the workload evenly to ensure that load sharing is equal to the areas assigned to different database administrators.

• Suspends silent DB questions, block circuits, and locks to help the DBA team contact the center to get quick answers to questions and wait for hours.

• Identify the nature of problems that arise within one minute of responsibilities specified in the program, such as “Working Hours”. There are problems with the OTP check due to DB blocking and downtime,

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