IT Systems Conversion Program Turnaround Saves Millions in Business Disruption Costs at Manufacturing Company


Customer IT Systems is a global leader in the design and marketing of children’s products and family pledges around the world.

The problem

In preparing the merger with the new ERP business, the customer focuses on a well-established program to transform and transform the IT Systems legacy of sales, sales, and products to create new software and hardware environments.

The client came from the control company, which required them to create their database to maintain and update their program, and they paid $ 200. Annual maintenance of this program at the company’s headquarters. The operation had to be carried out quickly and efficiently, as the patient’s business was in jeopardy: one strategy was that of a factory without which the company could not produce products; others support the company’s website, including customers and orders.

The first project teams, including project managers and project managers of third-party advertising, we’re unable to bring the result and the project was compromised. It was not well planned, major events were missing, and the employee was not trusted on the day of delivery. More than a quarter of the planning period has passed and significant progress has been made on this project – costing millions of dollars.


A patient management team representative replaced the new team with external consultants due to the expertise and expertise of many existing IT Systems transformation projects. They have appointed PM Solutions to conduct a program review as soon as possible and provide improvement suggestions along the way. To achieve the goals of the project, PM Solutions convened a regular team of project managers to review and organize all plans, and when appropriate, be the daily project manager.


Under the leadership of the PM Solutions online team, every project within the IT Systems is delivered on time and is committed to integration with the enterprise ERP system. An action plan was developed, and the team aimed to challenge this situation to resurface. Legislative elections took place quickly, and the answer is clear to ensure that the project will be completed as planned. Data was often passed on to partners, and the timing was adjusted because the order of the object was organized, monitored, and measured on a case-by-case basis. This reduces project time from project to project design by 80%.

The renovation program, led by PM Solutions, quickly saved $ 2 billion in project support and accounting internally. But the true value for the countless millions of dollars saved by keeping firms hinders and hinders the price opportunity to curb sales and a lot of suffering in the market. The best examples were brought by the experienced consultants of PM Solutions to see the success of the program for some recent users.

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