C3 AI version 8 to accelerate enterprise AI application development

C3 AI, the Enterprise AI software company, announced the general availability of C3 AI version 8 to significantly accelerate the development of large-scale AI applications.

With five years of development, version 8 is a complete re-architecture of application platform and standard AI applications, enabling dramatic performance improvements and a seamless development experience of data engineering AI/model transformations. ML) and application prototyping.

Version 8 enables companies to scale, deploy and operationalize enterprise AI with a new simplified and consistent AI application platform common to developers, data scientists, civilian data scientists, business users, and IT operators.

Version 8 also offers a family of more than six pre-built AI suites for business applications in the areas of reliability, supply chain, CRM, sustainability, defense and intelligence, and financial services.

C3 AI partners with some of the world’s largest companies, including Shell, Engie, Bank of America, Cargill, SWIFT, US Department of Defense, and Koch Industries. Representing the largest footprint of AI manufacturing applications in the world, C3 is improving the operations and lives of millions of businesses and consumers.

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