Launches First Pay-As-You-Go AI Management Platform to Make AI Accessible to All Companies has introduced the first-of-its-kind AI Management Platform on Google Cloud, which allows companies with fewer tools and capabilities to support traditional AI capabilities.

The unique development system that creates AI democracy by eliminating complex corporate taxes can enter hundreds of thousands – even millions – every year. This encourages teams to quickly provide services and improve practice that allows users to create, install, screen, and test sides with a minimal click. By solving the rigors of lifelong AI and providing new solutions, breaks down barriers that prevent organizations from building strong AI architecture.

As a result, more companies than ever before can bring samples into production and remain in production, increasing the risk of their efforts at a lower cost. From critical care to crime detection and improved security, offers a wide range of permanent tools that can be shared according to their needs.

Pre-built based on data scientists and developers focused on Fortune 500 companies and data groups with the ability to enter into costly contracts to record large IT equipment and footprints. Although it may take months, or years to install the module in the real world, provides a straightforward solution that simplifies user experience in a few days, and at the same time spends a lot of time.

The company has created four data centers to help vendors, data analysts, professionals, and the general public create a collaborative delivery business AI application. It has received $ 7.5 million in total funding to date. The company was named Niche Player in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services.

“Producers in our field have been suspended from meetings not only to maintain the models after installation and the system has not been upgraded,” said co-founder and CTO Nicolas Gaude. “ gives them a unique platform to view and see if their models are on the right track. We feel that it will open more doors so that you can bring it up.


Founded in 2016 by a large data center,, it reduces the power of AI management using state-of-the-art technology. Information for enhancing AI production and permanent production. The Prevision. io-based AI Management Platform has been developed with data science for data scientists and developers to measure their quality, knowledge, and performance. From banking and financial services to health and purchasing, data scientists often lack the tools to effectively model data. Now with, a member of the Google Cloud Partner Profit program, data analysts and researchers have the tools they need in one place to build, install, module information, learn and manage in these industries.

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