Tesla rival Tevva vrooms in with $57M to propel Britain’s electric truck revolution

The global market for electric trucks is expected to grow from $ 1.15 billion by 2020 to $ 14.19 billion by 2027 capacity and vision, are very important. Making a significant contribution to helping the national economy achieve its goals, London-based electricity and hydrogen pioneer Tevva has raised $ 57 million in increased cash flow to consumers housing and increased production size.

The money came shortly after the launch of Tevva New, the first electric 7.5-ton electric car manufacturer, the first UK 7.5-ton car with and expected to increase hydrogen production capacity in the UK.

Addressing industry’s need to electrify

Estimates of its third vehicle are scheduled from Q3 2022 to address the urgent need for power for businesses.

With these funds in hand, in the coming months, the company will complete construction engineering, testing and manufacturing, and design assembly and equipment. It is expected to deliver 3,000 thousand trucks a year by 2023, reaching a thousand technical jobs and accelerating the transformation of the UK’s electric trucks.

Steering Britain’s electric truck revolution

Tevva Trucks plans to eliminate 10 million tonnes of CO2 globally by 2030, equivalent to the elimination of one million tonnes of vehicles on the road.

The British trucking company has raised $ 70 million over the past 12 months, as evidenced by its plans to become a global electrician – it could last longer than clean electric truck others due to the use of technology to increase hydrogen fields.

Enable ambitious government targets

Asher Bennett, Founder, and CEO of Tevva said: “We are thrilled to receive this new investment and are excited to start our truck company in London. Due to the temperature of COP26, this fee represents an immediate response to expectations and obligations. Much of our third-generation auto technology will help sailors do things without jeopardizing the business of their businesses, and we believe they are capable of meeting government expectations sooner.

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